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Even the simplest exercise can cause injury when done in the wrong way. Protect your body by following our exercise guides.


Squats are one of the first exercises people turn to for working their legs. Yet squats build muscle within the entire body and are one of the best functional training techniques available. They promote mobility and balance, burning fat by building healthy muscle. Often criticized for damaging knees, squats can actually help strengthen connective tissue and improve knee stability. Yet they must be done properly to achieve these goals.


Are you travelling and don't have time to hit the gym? Are you in the park and fancy a quick workout that doesn't need equipment? Try push-ups. They work the entire upper body, targeting the chest, triceps, shoulders and all-important core. They are also quantifiable, meaning that you can easily monitor progression. BUT each push-up needs to be perfect in technique in order to gain maximum benefits and track your progress.

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